Foreign Policy

Speak Softly and Carry A Bigass Stick

The RA's Foreign Policy is simple.

We want to make many friends and alliances, and forge a mutual, equal bond with other factions and clans - while uniting and having the firepower to fight against evil, malicious, and toxic ones.

It is in our best interests to

    • Make everyone and anyone our allies under whatever agreement they wish to forge.
    • Ally with other friendly factions and clans
    • Serve our allies interests and goals, and have them do the same
    • Help show our allies the way

Some general guidelines and rules for ally-ship are

    • We will not officially help on an unfair server in any way
      • Unfair servers include abusive, pay-to-win, voting websites, terrible discriminatory staff, etc
    • We will not ally with abusive, toxic clans that harass other groups, start unnecessary trouble, or harass and demean their own members
    • An attack on one is an attack on all. No comrades will be left behind, neglected, or abused while we sit idly by
    • We are prepared to sever alliances in a minutes notice if they are undoubtedly performing malicious behavior